"And the plants and trees prostrate in obeisance" 

The inspiration and the motivation for "The Tree Song" came in the form of the above statement which is found in the verse 6 of the chapter 55 of the Holy Qur'an. The prostration in question is the ineffable and exquisite system which the numerous flora and fauna species of the earth have been following ever since their arrival in this world.

Everything was going fine until recently...

One species of the same planet owing to their selfish or careless habits intruded in the harmonious and perfect synchronicity of the aforesaid prostration/obeisance of these neighbors who shared the same home; the planet earth.

The present state of affairs in this regard make one wonder whether this is the species titled the "best of the creation" 

If this species cannot demonstrate its (own) "prostration in obeisance". It is an extremely criminal offense to disturb the "prostration in obeisance" of these inhabitants. The term "in-human" is a joke if applied to this misdeed of human species

The Purpose of this place is to remind ourselves and be conscientious of our generous neighbors: Trees.

If you spot a tree around you that is in need of help, please don't ignore that. If you are not able to do that, please pass on the message to others, there may be others who'll do it.

This is a noble deed, we pray to God to make our life pleasant for ALL around us.

God bless you.