Story of a sobbing tree

posted Dec 25, 2009, 3:59 AM by Khalid Alam   [ updated Dec 25, 2009, 4:38 AM ]
One wonders sometimes about the people of old times who were too much concerned about the preservation of trees, herbs, plants and all the fauna that makes this planet a marvelously unique place. Why were they so careful about all the trees when no one would have (presumably) had any idea of the present global warming?

On doing some research, I found out that almost in all the civilizations of the world, the great men laid emphasis on the preservation and nurturing of these components of the system of life. Components who in perfect harmony maintain the balance of the system.

This small story is of a person of old times who spent days and nights calling people to respect the system. For he was not just a preacher (multitudes of whom are present in todays action-less societies) he acted on whatever he taught.

Now it is being related that this person would often address his people near a tree in the city where he lived. His companions has insisted on making a chair of some sort for him to address the gathering crowds from, but this person-of-true-words-and-action continued in the simple manner of addressing near that tree. Among other things he often told people that even in the worst of situations like a war they must not harm or cut a tree. Even deceiving an animal is an abominable thing in the sight of God, he would say.

People soon realized that what this person is saying is for their own good, and as days passed more and more people joined the gathering. The man-of-action retorted people that mere lectures or talks were not sufficient. As a matter of  fact, he would  warn his people, if such sermons are not followed by action, such sermons would harm them rather do any good. He said that even the time taken in listening to good words, advice, sermons would be accountable in the hereafter and that they will be questioned about that.

Soon, the entire society, on the whole, began to witness a positive difference ,which was displayed both in the inhabitants as well as the surroundings. As days passed, some of his companions decided to make a pulpit for the person and one day requested the person to use the pulpit from that point onwards.

As the person went to the pulpit the crowd present heard a strange sobbing and wailing from a direction which they could not fathom. On looking around everyone was amazed to see the tree, where the person addressed the people, weeping like a child. Sobbing as it were, the sound of weeping kept coming until someone kept a hand on the tree and at once the tree stopped crying. Like a child when a mother arrives to console it, it was in a similar manner that the person who used to address the people about the importance of showing care, respect, and love for all the creatures of the God.

As it happens with all the stories, the meaning is lost in the romantica of the legend. People who narrated these events to coming generations misrepresented the real advice and the moral of this great story of a sobbing tree.

Even as we look around today, there are numerous such beings which are exhibiting a similar emotion. It is just that there is no one to hear, let alone care for them. The visual thematic color green was not just a co-incidence of symbolism, it was something that seeks pondering and pro-active attitude and action.

The world is talking about sustainability today. A big hue and cry is being made in the political echleons of countries. It is time we remember the lessons of the all-encompassing sustainability that is an integral part of the faith of those who claim any association with the person of the story of the sobbing tree.